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US Vice President Joe Biden Visits Carlingford / Newry Man Lost News 

US Vice President Joe Biden Visits Carlingford / Newry Man Lost

AMERICAN VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN As part of the American Vice President’s tour of Ireland today Mr Joe Biden stopped of at Fitzpatrick’s restaurant in Lordship Co Louth with his motorcade for a bite of lunch before heading of to the Carlingford Heritage Center for a civic reception. After emerging from his heartwarming speech he surprised the awaiting crowds and quite possibly the security services by having a meet and greet with the awaiting public as part of his Co Louth pilgrimage to connect with ancestral roots. Mr Biden’s Great…

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A Time To Remember / Newry Man Lost History News 

A Time To Remember / Newry Man Lost

A TIME TO REMEMBER By The Greenore Dama Group Last night I had the absolute privilege to be invited along to the Greenore Drama Group’s production of “A Time To Remember.” The play is based around the story of the SS Connemara and Retriever disaster which took place on the 3rd of November 1916. Written and Directed by the very talented Michael Ferguson and featuring the fantastic cast of the Greenore Drama Group ” A Time To Remember” will have you on the edge of your seat. The collision between…

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Oldbridge House / Newry Man Lost History 

Oldbridge House / Newry Man Lost

OLDBRIDGE HOUSE Oldbridge has a very daring history of its own to tell but it Is now home to the Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre. Located in the recently restored 18th century Oldbridge House in Meath, the site of the famous historic Battle of the Boyne which took in the 17th century. If you get a chance to visit the center you will discover the story of this infamous battle between the two kings that occurred on 1 July 1690 (or 11 July, according to our modern calendar). At…

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Vehicle Valhalla Sweden / Newry Man Lost Exploration 

Vehicle Valhalla Sweden / Newry Man Lost

VEHICLE VALHALLA SWEDEN. On Friday Sean Donegan Newry Man Lost photography set of on an epic adventure to find an Abandoned car grave yard in the heart of a rural Swedish forest miles from civilization. The Scrapyard was set up by 2 Swedish brothers who collected the cars left behind by US Service Men after WWII amassing over 1000 classics including Buick’s, Mustangs, Beetles, Dodge and even Morris Minors. It thrived as a business up to the 1980s due to the high price of cars in neighboring Norway before being…

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Greenore History 


GREENORE (An Grianfort) Tonight I paid a visit to one of my favorite places, Greenore. I have many a fond childhood memory of summer picnics by the shore basking in the outstanding natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. The village Its self was built to provide homes for the dock and railway workers of the Dundalk Newry and Greenore Railway. Once home to a large hotel which accommodated passengers awaiting to board the Greenore to Holyhead Ferry which operated  from 1873 to 1951 and now home to Ireland’s only privately owned…

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