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OLD NEWRY TOWN / NEWRY MAN LOST History Newry Photography 


It’s not often you receive phone call that takes your breath away but it certainly happen me during the week. I received a random phone call from a lady from Dublin explaining that her Great Uncle had passed away recently and they were starting to clear up his estate. Jane went on to explain that her uncle Charles was an armature photographer in his youth and loved nothing more than travelling North and capturing all the beautiful cities and towns on his way. It was the next part that blew me away. Jane told me she would like me to have the album they discovered because of my love of all things historical and photographic and she expressed her wishes to have the images shared with the public. This album is the first of many that capture towns and cities all around the North. On behalf of myself and the entire NML Magazine team we Would like to take this opportunity to thank Jane for this precious historical gift. All images in this gallery are from Newry Co. Down.

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